Our mission is simple – we strive to provide every customer with quality “right priced” products, timely delivery and exceptional service with a smile, each and every day.

We are able to achieve this mission by remaining committed to the following values:

Great Coffee

Mill Creek Coffee has been the hot beverage solution in the tri-state area for more than 25 years. Although we continue to expand services and offer new products, coffee remains our passion and the cornerstone of our company. Our slogan is “Great Coffee-Great Day”, and we are deeply committed to providing each customer with the products and services they need.

Great Customers

We recognize the importance of building strong and long lasting relationships, and we work hard to make sure our customers know how much we appreciate their business. In fact, we’re committed to returning the favor by purchasing products and business services from our customers as often as possible.

Great Service

Since the company’s founding, we’ve been committed to providing quality and dependable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide customers with brewing equipment, expert repair service, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Great Employees

As a company founded on strong family values, we work hard to promote a safe and satisfying work environment. We demand respectful behavior, encourage camaraderie, and strive to live by the Golden Rule. As a result, our employees are able to focus their talents and energy on providing the best service each and every day.

Great Communities

In addition to supporting our customers, we also recognize the value in supporting the communities in which we work. For that reason, we proudly support local businesses throughout our service area and prefer to use regional suppliers whenever we can.