Be on time, not in line!
Imagine being able to provide your employees with their favorite gourmet coffee without leaving your office. Great coffee can boost morale and improve productivity, plus your employees will be on time since they won’t have to wait in line at the coffee shop.

Our customized office coffee programs include:

  • Free equipment installation and employee training
  • Best selection of quality products and equipment
  • Personalized delivery schedule
  • Convenient ordering via phone, fax or email
  • Expert maintenance and repair of all brewing equipment
  • 24/7 service with guaranteed satisfaction

Are you ready to see what Mill Creek Coffee can do for your office? Click here to contact us or call our office at 800-759-5942 or 814-453-3192 and ask to speak with a coffee specialist today.

Sample Brewing Equipment for Your Office:

  • Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewer: The Keurig K145 is perfect for offices of 15 or fewer employees, the conference room, or even the boardroom.
  • Keurig K150 K-Cup Brewer: The Keurig K150 comes with a touch-sensitive LCD screen, 5 size settings, and a slew of aesthetically pleasing accessories. An available plumb kit allows this brewer to be hooked directly to a water line, making it the perfect fit for medium sized offices full of sophisticated coffee lovers.
  • Bloomfield 2/b Pourover Brewer: Perfect for small to medium offices, this brewer can be used without additional plumbing and brews directly into a glass coffee pot. We also stock 2 and 3 warmer models.
  • Bunn Axiom – 3 Automatic Brewer: This automatic brewer is perfect for high volume locations with an available water line. Many of these brewers are also available with a hot water faucet for tea and hot chocolate drinkers.
  • Newco ACE-LD Air Pot Brewer: Great for extending the life of your brewed coffee, air pot brewers brew directly into thermally efficient dispensers which keep coffee warm and fresh for hours.

To view our entire selection of coffee brewing equipment, click here.