In addition to gourmet coffee and tea, we offer a long list of extras to suit all your workplace needs. From juice and bottled water to soup and paper products, we have everything you need for a great day at work.


Juice and Bottled Water

Still in the mood for something other than coffee or tea? You’re in luck, because Mill Creek Coffee Company also offers bottled water and a variety of juice drinks to satisfy your thirst.


Looking for a quick, easy and affordable lunch at the office? Check out our selection of flavored soups from Nissin.


Creamers and Sweeteners

When black coffee just isn’t enough, we have several different types of creamers to choose from along with sugar canisters or packets, Sweet n Low, Splenda or Equal, and generic sugar substitutes (pink, yellow, blue and green).

Quaker Oatmeal on the go

Quaker instant oatmeal cups are a convenient way to eat the whole grain oats that you love whenever and wherever you want.


Paper Products

We stock a variety of paper products ranging from rolled paper towels and bath tissue to disposable cups, lids, and coffee carafes. With many sizes and materials available, we can offer paper products to fit almost any budget.