Mill Creek Coffee Roaster

Introducing Mill Creek’s Fresh Roast

Small batch specialty coffees roasted to order at our Factory Store located at 1222 Linden Avenue in Erie.  Costa Rican, Colombian, Fancy Brazilian and many more. Watch as your fresh, ripe, silvery green coffee beans are roasted to a beautiful golden brown. The inviting, sweet aroma is heavenly. Fresh roasted coffee makes a great gift!
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Regularly Roasted Coffees

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Bali Blue Moon

Chocolaty and organically grown
This super premium bean is our hands down favorite here at Mill Creek Coffee. Heavy bodied with chocolate and earthy undertones, this Indonesian coffee is organically grown and roasted well into second crack to bring out its unique characteristics.

Colombian Excelso & Colombian Decaf

The industry standard
Our Colombian Excelso is high grown and darkly roasted to bring out the excellent and interesting character of this bean. Lightly smokey with a rich and semi-sweet flavor profile, this is our most popular whole bean product.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Bold and rich
This coffee comes from Ethiopia the historic birthplace of the modern coffee bean. Darkly roasted to bring out sweetness and subtle smokiness, this is the classic medium-bodied African coffee.


Our boss’ favorite
A dark and bold offering comprised of Colombian Supremo, Guatemalan, Tanzanian Peaberry, and Brazilian Santos, this diverse blend is an excellent start to your busy day.


Two different roast profiles available
Spicy and full bodied, this bean boasts a buttery and full flavor without being overbearing. As a medium roast it is slightly grassy and sweet; when roasted more darkly it takes on a smooth smoky flavor with subtle hints of chocolate.


Easy drinking and full bodied
Certified Fair Trade and organically grown, this bean has subtle fruity undertones and is roasted to medium profile to bring out its interesting and understated traits.

Papua New Guinea

Low acid with notes of winey citrus
Part of an island archipelago located in the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea shares an island with the famous coffee producing country of Indonesia but offers a contrasting brew. Leading with subtle notes of brown sugar, this medium-bodied offering also carries hints of pleasant citrus tanginess with a winey tail.


Dark and smoky
Roasted darkly to create a bold yet smooth character, this Indonesian coffee touts a deep and flavorful profile that truly brings it to life. The large size beans help to create a full and even roast profile perfect for those who appreciate dark and full bodied coffee.

Tanzanian Peaberry

Rich and bright
Characterized by a winey earthiness typical of African coffees, this offering from Tanzania is one our very favorites. The Peaberry designation indicates the size and shape of the bean (small and round) allowing for an even and consistent roast and creating a rich and mellow flavor profile.


Low acid and Rainforest Alliance Certified
We roast this coffee quite darkly (to 420 degrees) to bring out its bold and semi sweet traits. Unlike most African coffees it is low in acidity and only mildly earthy, creating a smooth and well-balanced cup.