Commercial Coffee Equipment & Machines

Commercial Coffee Equipment Distribution and Maintenance

Mill Creek Coffee not only supplies high-quality coffee products, but also offers an extensive selection of coffee makers and equipment to fit the needs of your workplace or business. From single serve k-cup brewers for small office settings to large commercial brewing systems from trusted name brands in the industry including Bunn, Curtis, Keurig, Fetco, and more. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking for an upgrade, or need a replacement, contact our experienced staff for a consultation and we will help you choose the right coffee equipment to best suit your needs and budget.

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Deliveries Every 2 Weeks

Flexible, Quick & Nimble

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Whether your business is small or large, we have a customized solution for you.

Bunn, Curtis, Fetco & More.
Coffee Equipment & Service

We provide our customers with complimentary installation and maintenance of commercial coffee equipment.

We have the following models:

  • Bunn
  • Fetco
  • Newco
  • Wilbur Curtis
  • Bloomfield

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Coffee Brewer Repair Services

As part of our mission to provide exceptional customer care, our coffee service includes routine maintenance, cleaning, and equipment repair services completed by our experienced staff. We check your coffee machines during your delivery to ensure they are working properly, assess the life of the machine, and determine whether it is in need of cleaning or repair. We want to protect your investment in your equipment; if you’re in need of a repair or replacement, our skilled technicians can service your machines regardless of whether they were purchased from Mill Creek Coffee. We offer an inventory of replacement parts for many coffee brewers and various equipment models.


what They’re Saying

  • With Mill Creek Coffee, we never have a shortage of coffee. The reps are extremely friendly and have been great to us over the years. I would definitely recommend Mill Creek Coffee.

    Andrea G.

  • When I came to work at this company, Mill Creek Coffee was already the coffee choice of all our choosey coffee drinkers. Everyone loves the 100% Colombian, and the employees really appreciate the free coffee. By providing Mill Creek Coffee, it shows we are choosing the best for the best. We have worked with Mill Creek Coffee for many years because of the great service, quality products and terrific employees, and we will continue doing business with this great company.

    Joanie K.

  • We have used Mill Creek Coffee for 20 years – they are the best! Our employees love coffee, and Mill Creek Coffee works with us to keep costs down, which allows us to sustain this perk for everyone to enjoy. We have been approached by other vendors, but have chosen to stay with Mill Creek Coffee – their pricing, personal service, and attentiveness to our needs is unsurpassed!

    Melissa F.

  • We have Mill Creek Coffee stations in every one of our offices and the customers love it. Even though the company is growing, they still give individual attention and personalized service to customers. And since they’re a local company, supplies are just a phone call away. We couldn’t receive better service and always refer customers to Mill Creek Coffee.

    Lorel S.

  • With Mill Creek Coffee, we don’t have to assign someone to go out and purchase coffee or worry about maintaining our own equipment. We chose Mill Creek Coffee for reputation and reliability, and continue to recommend them to other businesses.


  • We are an office of all day coffee drinkers, and Mill Creek Coffee gives us the best product for the best cost. Their prices, ease of set up and delivery schedule by far exceed other vendors. I would definitely recommend other businesses use Mill Creek Coffee.

    J. G.

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